What is this USB drive?

Best Software

We have researched and selected the best free 64-bit software tools for inclusion on this bootable USB drive.
WARNING: Not all tools are guaranteed to work on all systems.

Transfer Files

Boot using this USB drive and get access to your hard drives. Easily copy documents and images to your USB drive or upload to online storage.

Scan For Viruses

Booting using this USB drive will let you scan for and eliminate viruses and other malware.

Solid & Sturdy

Made of metal with no moving parts. Easy to keep on your keychain and ready when you need it!

MultiBootUSB - Allows you to plug in this USB drive and boot up to a simple menu. Select which tool you would like to load. If the menu is not coming up, you may need to enable USB booting in your BIOS or try repeatedly pressing F8 while booting.
[ VIDEO: How to enable USB booting ]

Puppy Linux - A full Linux operating system with a lot of software already installed. One of the easier ways to mount your Windows or Linux hard drives and rescue your files. Use this as your temporary desktop system while your main computer is not starting or unavailable.
[ VIDEO: Using Puppy Linux ]

ESET SysRescue - Malware cleaning tool that comes with ability to easily mount hard drives and copy your images and documents to an external drive.
[ VIDEO: Using ESET SysRescue ]

Comodo - Scan your hard drives for viruses.

Adaware - Scan your Windows drives for viruses.

Kaspersky - Scan your hard drives for viruses.

The USB drive

USB Drive

Sorry, USB drives not currently available!

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